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Pests excluded by sealing holes, cracks and other entry points. 
Bait applied under appliances and into cabinets to target ants and roaches as needed. 
Family-friendly products applied only as needed and in a targeted manner to treat pests such as spiders, wasps and silverfish. Common treatment areas include windows, drains, utility entry areas, garage doors and pest harborage areas. 
A long-lasting dust (Diatomaceous earth) injected into voids behind perimeter switch plates, kick plates, electrical outlet covers and plumbing entrances to control ants, roaches, spiders and other pests


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With a Pest program, you receive a a program tailored to the needs of your home. This may include any of the following services:

Inspection focused on areas prone to pest activity, where pest sightings are reported or where you have a concern. 
Pest monitors installed in storage rooms, garages and mechanical areas. 
In addition to sweeping for spider webs, our pest control pros take care of other insect debris around windows.


Firewall Pest Solutions is a local small business in Bonney Lake. Michael Hopfner got into the pest management industry because it appealed to his interest in insects and the role they play in health and the environment. At Firewall we are proud to protect the NW from the nuisances, damages, and health threats that pests can cause.

Keeping it simple

Keep your family healthy and your home pest-free throughout the year. Get rid of pests today and prevent problems in the future. We have flexible pest programs.

Please plan to move pet dishes, garden hoses, toys etc prior to treatment. If a pet dish holds water, we will empty it prior to treatment and refill it after treatment is completed. 
Bait applied among rocks and plants around the perimeter to control ants, crickets and ground beetles. Granular repellent is used to prevent ants, spiders and occasional invaders. 
Tamper-proof and secured rodent bait stations or traps installed in garage areas away from children and pets. Stations disguised as landscaping rocks are available to preserve the aesthetic quality of your yard.

Though it might seem a little bit like magic, we keep it simple and get the job done.

Studies show there is a fine balance between home owners wanting greener, more environmentally friendly solutions and fast, effective pest annihilation. We understand and provide pest control options to help you choose the best approach for your family..

We use the motto "PC1" Put the customer first and that means family, pets and environmental safety comes first.